1/28/2013 Tax Return Organizing Weekly Organizing Challenge

dollarThis week’s organizing challenge is to create a 2012 Tax Return accordion folder.

Label tabs to correspond to your own tax situation. Here are some examples:

1. Income – W-2 1099-misc

2. Mortgage interest

3. Charitable deduction – cash

4. Charitable deduction – donated items

5. Federal Tax return

6. State Tax return

7. Local Tax return

8. IRA distribution

9. Contribution to an education fund

10. 1099-R investments

11. Medical Deduction

12. Rental Property income and expenses

13. Real estate taxes

Having these papers organized in an accordion folder will help you keep track of all your paperwork for your accountant. It will help him/her and you be able to go through your tax return more simply even in the most complicated tax return.

Happy Organizing!


Till next time, happy organizing!

Sabrina M. Quairoli

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