Laundry Room Closet Organization

Laundry Room Closet Organization

Some people have beautiful laundry rooms and some people have laundry closets on the side of a guest room or in a basement that are not as beautiful. I have a laundry closet, but wish I had a laundry room. To make my laundry closet more organized and attractive, here are the tasks I did to make it work more efficiently and look pretty too.

Laundry Room Closet Organization!

I used these wicker bins to hold stuff that are not frequently used but needed in the home.  You may have seen these bins before. I used them in my kitchen before my kitchen remodel project this year. Click and check it out. Repurposing bins is my favorite tip to share with others. The labels were made from Martha Stewart labels made by Avery.  Here is example of similar ones I used at Amazon: Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Brown Kraft Labels Classic, 1-5/8″ x 1-3/4″, 36/Pack  Since the cardstock would not stick to the hard wicker, I used this: Command Outdoor Light Clips, 16-Clip, 4-Pack from Amazon.  I had them from last year.

Don’t they look so pretty now that they have a new purpose?  The benefits of using wicker is that you don’t see the plumbing in the back of them.


The bin for the extra laundry supplies  were used in my hallway pantry upstairs.  But, since the kitchen was redone, I didn’t need to use it for that purpose anymore.  I decided to use them to hold the large supply bottles so they don’t destroy the shelf.



Then, I added one large bin for extra cleaning supplies from the wholesale store that I pull from when I need to refill the smaller bottles.



I also have my clean clothes laundry baskets that I use to sort the folded clothes after they come out of the dryer.  These baskets stay in the laundry closet shelf until we need them.  Here is the post that explains how I use them: Laundry Chore Organized and Finished.



I also needed to find a place to hang clothes to dry because we have lots of clothes that need to be dried in the dryer.  I installed a retractable single line from one end of the folding door frame to the other for drying clothes similar to this one from Amazon:  Indoor Outdoor Housekeeping Laundry Clothing Accessories Retractable Single Line .



Then, since I do not have a sink =( in my basement, I purchased this dish tub that collapses to soak items in when needed.  Here is where you can buy it from Amazon: Prepworks from Progressive International CDT-1 Collapsible Dish Tub  I place it on top of my washer to catch any spills from the laundry detergent dispenser I store on the shelf above. It works nicely.



By doing all of these updates, it has helped everyone know where everything goes and it kept the clutter to a minimum.  I love it!  It’s like I have a laundry room, well, not really.   What ideas do you use in your laundry room closet?  Please comment below.

Sabrina Quairoli

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Benefits of Living in a Smaller Home

Benefits of Living in a Smaller Home

My husband found this show on the FYI channel called” Tiny House Nation“. Well, I have watched it ever since. To say I love the show is an understatement. The show cast create small homes that are mobile that are around 200 square feet of space. Many times the houses are able to be moved as needed. Now, it’s not a trailer home, it is literally a small version of any house! Cool, right? It has a small kitchen, small bedroom, a small bathroom, and a small living space all in one place, probable the size of the average larger shed. The buildings even have a pitched roof that is enough space for sleeping. It’s pretty amazing. I love how efficient the home is. Lots of multipurpose ways of using the spaces. I am obsessed with watching the cast make multipurpose items for these tiny houses. After all, over the years, I have had my fair share of using my creativity to figure out how to multipurpose items in my smaller home.

After watching the show last week, I had the idea to explore the benefits of living in a smaller home (not a tiny house) and create a blog post with my results. Here they are.

Saves You Time:

  • You can do other hobbies more often. If you like to hike, travel, or even just be able to relax more and work less.
  • It takes less time to clean the different rooms since each room is not too big that you can’t clean it in an hour or two.
  • Less mowing the lawn, unless you like to mow the lawn.
  • If you like to mow, it will take you less time to mow if you have a smaller lot.
  • Less gardening, unless you like to garden.
  • You will have time to complete all the tasks you have to do since they are not that many.

Helps You Not Procrastinate:

  • You need to take care of the clutter now. If you keep clutter around, you won’t have any room to move.

Saves You Money:

  • You can save more money for retirement
  • The tasks you need help with around the house are a lot smaller than a larger house.
  • You don’t need as much money to live so you can make less money and enjoy life more.
  • Cheaper to heat and cool your home than a larger home.
  • You can only buy items that are good quality and have a multipurpose, so you shop less.

Great for the Environment:

  • A smaller home means you will have a smaller environmental footprint.
  • You will most likely generated less trash in a smaller home.

That’s lots of benefits, right?  People who live this lifestyle, usually love to be outdoors, love spending time with friends and family and wish not to do a large amount of chores when it comes to taking care of their home. So, living in a smaller home is ideal for them.  My favorite benefit is that it helps save me money.  My rule when I go out is “the items I buy must either a replacement item or a multipurpose item”. By using this rule, I stay on budget easier and I don’t feel guilty when I purchase an item. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Do you have a smaller home? What is your reasons for living in a smaller home? Please leave a comment below.

Sabrina Quairoli

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Six Tips to Keep Your Digital Clutter At Bay

Six Tips to Keep Your Digital Clutter At Bay

Do you have digital clutter? You know, those files on your computer, your mp3, your phone, and even your DVR, you keep saving and never looking at because you do not have the time to deal with them. With the way technology and information is readily available, it’s not surprising you lose or forget information you already have. Here are six tips to keep your digital clutter at bay.

Before uploading photos on your computer, be sure to cut any photos that you don’t absolutely love. Blurry and unflattering photos can be removed first.

  1. Delete your child’s school year correspondences emails at the end of each school year to make room for new emails for the next school year.
  2. Make it a habit to clear out your work email in box of unwanted emails by the end of each day.
  3. Delete any apps you do not use on your smart phone or tablet.  AND, remove any apps from iTunes as well  because sometimes it doesn’t remove it from your computer.
  4. If you have an external or cloud storage system for your photos, check your photos.  Sometimes, photos are duplicated because when it was syncing, there was an error.
  5. Set your DVR to only record programs that are new. And, limit your shows to 2 or 3 recordings of the same show.  Be realistic.  Are you going to watch 5 shows all at once? Probably not.

Periodically go through all your digital files from all your electronic devices even the kids devices. I like to do this every 3-4 months.  That way, it is not too old that I forget what the files are and they are far enough away that I am probably not using them.

What tips do you use to keep your digital clutter at bay?  Please leave a message.


Sabrina Quairoli

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6 Ways to Hide Clutter in Your Small Home

6 Ways to Hide Clutter in Your Small Home

There are many ways to hide the clutter in your home, apartment, or dorm room. OK, let’s not call it “clutter” because these items should be items you need and use often, right? If you don’t use them and you don’t absolutely adore them, you should get rid of them.  This is step number one when clearing clutter. But for this post, “clutter” will be the items you use and want, but don’t want to see, day in and day out.  Here are 6 great ways to hide clutter in your small home.

1st Hide Clutter Option: Hang a pressure rod and hang a curtain in front of the a set of shelves. I used one blackout curtain to create two curtains to cover these shelves.  I cut them and measured the opening and then created a place for the pressure rod and finished off the bottom edge.



2nd Hide Clutter Option:Use fabric, a piece of wood (2 x 2 inch), a staple gun, and 2-3 screws to hide stuff behind an open console table. Staple the fabric to the piece of wood by overlapping the fabric to create a fuller look. Then, screw in the bottom of the console table.  I used two café curtains here from a discount store.



3rd Hide Clutter Option: Use baskets in closets, on the stairs going upstairs as a catch-all small items bin and other areas to store small items you don’t want to see.



4th Hide Clutter Option: Use your largest bag to hold smaller bags.  Or, buy a cheap (large) tote and store all the bags in them.



5th Hide Clutter Option: Use fake books fronts and fake cans to store valuables.  Here is one you can buy from Amazon:Key Lock Antique Book Safe

6th Hide Clutter Option: Get doors for your tall bookshelf cabinets. This is great for a teen girl’s room since them have lots of small stuff.



Additional Tips to hide the clutter:

  • Make sure these are items you want to cover in this area.  Be sure to organize “behind the curtain” too. Add bins to use in the hidden area for common small items.
  • If the items are serving dishes and other platters, be sure to have them covered so they do not get dusty.

Hiding your clutter in a smaller home, whether it is an apartment, a dorm room, or a house, will help the space feel larger.  Try it and see. Let me know what you use to hide the clutter in your home. I would love to hear from you.

Sabrina Quairoli

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4 Moving Checklists Every Person Needs

4 moving checklists every person needs when moving

In recent years, I have had several family and friends move to different areas. And, they always ask me, “How can I make the process of moving less stressful?” Well, here is what I tell them, YOU MUST make lists to help you keep focused and be able to remember every task that needs to be done. Even if you are not a list builder by nature, you must make lists to help you. It will keep your stress at bay, before, during and after a move. Here are 4 moving checklists every person needs when moving.

1st Checklist: A Timed Checklist

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I need to do at 6 weeks?
  • What do I need to do at 3 weeks?
  • What do I need to do at 2 weeks?
  • What do I need to do at 1 week?
  • What do I need to do the day before?
  • What do I need to do the day of the move?
  • What do I need to do the day after?
  • What do I need to do the week after?
  • What do I need to do by 2 weeks after?

2nd Checklist: Change of Address List

Include columns that read the following:

  • Company, government, and friends/family Name’s
  • Phone number, email address, or website to change address
  • A completed check box

Here are some suggestions on who to tell:

  • Passport
  • Post Office
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Investment/retirement accounts
  • Medicare & Social Security
  • Voter’s registration
  • Family & friends & Coworkers & Clients
  • Driver’s license/car registration
  • Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Fitness Center
  • Places of worship
  • Legal and Financial Professionals
  • Magazines Subscriptions

3rd Checklist: What to give away or donate list

What to do give away and donate and what to keep?  Add these items to your list:

  • Include a column for the name of the item you want to get rid of.
  • Include a column for who to give it to.
  • Include a column for where to donate it.


  • Walk around your home and put a sticky note on the items you want to give away and donate.  If you have specific places that you want to give the item, write it on the sticky note.
  • If you want to give the item away, Take photos of the item you want to give away or donate.  Then, share the image of the item with friends on Facebook.
  • Share with a yard sale community online (if you fill comfortable with this.)
  • Keep a running list of items that you donate for tax return purposes.
  • Check out our Charitable Donation Locations page to donate.

Tips to help you get rid of stuff:

  • Take digital photos of your achieved photos and get rid of the originals.
  • Make a video of your digital photos for Christmas or birthday presents.
  • Make a scrapbook of your photos and stubs from activities you went to see.

4th Checklist: Packing Boxes list

Create a list of your content and number or letter the boxes. Include these columns on the checklist:

  • Number on the box and checklist column
  • What is in the box? column
  • And, where the box needs to go in the new house

Storage Moving Boxes


  • Write the number on the box large enough so you can see it from a distance.
  • Use a red or black marker and write the number or letter in the same place on ALL the boxes.

If you don’t want to make your own checklist, subscribe to Enlightened News and receive “All the Checklists You Need for Your Move” Packet already made for you!

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That is it!  Remember to pace yourself and you will be able to get everything done and well on your way to your new life in your new home.  Please share and leave a comment below on how your move went.  Good luck!


Sabrina Quairoli

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September Monthly Organizing Challenge – Kitchen Organizing

September Monthly Organizing Challenge

September Monthly Organizing Challenge: This month’s organizing challenge is kitchen organizing.  To make your kitchen run more smoothly, you must create zones.

There are lots of zones you can create.  Make up your own title for each of your zones – get your family’s assistance.  This will remind them what goes in the different zones.  If you can’t think of any zone names, here are some I use in my kitchen:

  • Prep Food – where you cut the food.
  • Cleaning – where you clean the dishes.
  • Baking – where you setup for baking.
  • Cooking – where you cook your food.
  • Presentation – where you plate your food on platters.
  • Command Center – where you store your papers from school, bills, etc…
  • Beverage area – where you store and make your coffee, tea, etc…
  • Eating area – where you eat your food.

Here are different areas of the kitchen you can go through to make your kitchen more organized and functional for every member of your family.  I briefly describe what each post is about.  Feel free to click and read other posts to help you get inspired.  Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Organizing Tips:

Tips to Maximize Your kitchen space:

Let me know how you do with your kitchen organizing challenge this month.  Leave a message below.


Sabrina Quairoli

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A Way to Repurpose Broken Pencils!

A Way to Repurpose Broken Pencils!

We all have broken pencils around the house.  Gather them up and try this.  Here is a way to repurpose broken pencils.

My daughter use her fabulous duck tape colors and her broken pencils and turned them into a beautiful duck tape bouquet! She used the broken pencils as the stem of the bouquet. And created the rest of the flowers with the colorful and patterned duck tape.   Check out the photo!

Duct Tape Flower

Here are some links where you can buy Duct Tape from Amazon:

Tip:  Reinforce the areas where the pencils meet with the duct tape so it will not bend over.

There are always ways to re-purpose items that have broken.  You just need a little creativity and a little know-how.

What creative way did you decide to repurpose your broken pencils?  Please share.

Sabrina Quairoli

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Bring Usability Back to Your Kitchen

Bring Usability Back to Your Kitchen

Do you walk into your kitchen and look at the clutter and stuff everywhere, and wonder, “What should I make? Do I want to bake, cook, assemble, or make a salad?” Pondering over this for a few minutes and checking out the clutter, you get overwhelmed and just give up and go out to eat instead.  Sound familiar? You are not alone.  Lots of people rather go out to eat than spend time making meals and eating at home. I am here to tell you that you can make the process of eating at home less overwhelming by taking some time and making your kitchen more usable. Here are tips to bring usability back to your kitchen and make it more enjoyable to make meals.

Clear out ALL cabinets and drawers: Revisit every space in your kitchen even those spaces far below and above and in the cabinets.   Ask yourself if you are going to use this items that were not used in a while.  If no, get rid or give/donate them.  If you decide to keep them, move them to an area that will remind you to use them.

Have zones for all your activities:  If you like hot beverages, have a beverage station.  If you bake, create a section for baking supplies and prep.  If you like to cook with herbs and spaces, have a space for all your herbs and spices.  Create a prep area for prepping your meals.  Whatever tasks you like to do in your kitchen, create your kitchen counters and cabinets spaces to support those tasks.

Junk Drawer be gone:  Make the smallest drawer in your kitchen the infamous junk drawer.  The smaller the drawer the less filled with stuff it will get and you will be able to control the clutter and what is placed in it. Get a drawer organizer with lots of compartments to help manage the clutter.

Pantry transformation: Create subsection in your pantry that will help you manage your stuff.  Group like items together.  Canned beans with all the canned beans, soups with soups, etc… If you want to make a quick meal, have a few baskets that hold the ingredients for a particular weekly meal.  Preparing these baskets at the beginning of week will help with time management on those rushed evenings.

Go through the Unused Hand-held Kitchen Tools: Clear out any tool that is broken, worn, or not needed anymore.  compartmentalized your drawers with customized bins that fit each tool or type of tools.  Measure the width and length of your drawer.  These measurements will help when finding the right bin for inside the drawer.  With these measurements, take your largest and smallest kitchen tool with you to the store to find a few bins that fit each of the sizes. Then, buy a few of these bin sizes to fit the width and length of the drawer measurement.

You are done.. After completing these tips, your kitchen will be a usable and enjoyable place to be. No more take out dinners for you.

Sabrina Quairoli

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Treasure Each Day Quotes

Only you can value each day.  Here are treasure each day quotes to help you remember that valuing your day will make your day feel more fulfilling and enjoyable.

It is during

our darkest moments

that we must focus

to see the light.

~Aristotle Onassis

 It is during our darkest moments

The moment passed

is no longer,

the future may never be;

the present is all of which man is master.

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The moment passed is no longer...

A man

Who dares waste

One hour of time

has not discovered

the value of life.

~ Charles Darwin

A man who dares waste one hour of time...

An Itch of time is an inch of gold: treasure it.

Appreciate its fleeting nature:

Misplaced gold is easily found.

Misspent time is lost forever.

~Loy Ching-Yuen

An Itch of time is an inch of gold

You don’t get to choose

how you’re going to die.

Or when.

You can only decide how you’re going to live.

~Joan Baez

You don’t get to choose

The surest way

to be late is

to have plenty of time.

~Leo Kennedy

The surest way to be late...

May your day be a peaceful and enjoyable one.

Sabrina Quairoli

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Customizing Ikea Cabinets for a Small Space

Customizing Ikea Cabinets for a Small Space

If you read my posts, you know I have a smaller home. It has many rooms but are narrow and hard to fit the average piece of furniture in any room. It seems that every room has a unique wall that I need to find a smaller than normal piece of furniture to fit in it. It is quite annoying. Well, enough with complaining, back to the post. Here is how customizing IKEA cabinets for a small space made a space more organized.

In my walk-out basement, we have a long and narrow family room 10 ft x 22 ft. There is a heater on the wall that heats the space, a sump pump on the floor, a back door and window and 1 closet door and an opening to the other part of the kitchen. You can see why this space is challenging, right? Luckily, I have experience measuring spaces and areas for furniture placement. I measured the length, width, and height of the areas I wanted to fit storage cabinets. And, with my measurements in hand, I headed to the nearest Ikea.

I found these wonderful cabinets that fit perfectly in my space! I designed the cabinet layout with glass doors and wood fronts to breakup all the brown wood.  Any way I choose a design (Ikea’s Besta brand was what I choose) that worked with the areas I needed to organize, in this case, my window and the heater walls.  The inside also had many options, even though I didn’t need anything but shelves. Check out the results!

I stored things like, my sewing machine, buttons, work in bins, scrapbook supplies, cable box, video game console, photo albums, and video games in it by using baskets with and without lids. I also was able to frame it around a window as well. The doors do a great job hiding the clutter and organizing it!

If you are looking for a cabinet for your unique room, look for cabinets that can be versatile and attach together to make one unit. Make sure they have several options so you can really customize the cabinet for what you need. Above all, have fun making your cabinets exactly what you want and never settle or something that doesn’t fill your needs. Let me know how your cabinets work out.

Sabrina Quairoli

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