7 Tips to Speed Up Doing Laundry Tasks

by Sabrina's Organizing

Pick a laundry day of the week.

Tip 1

Doing laundry on days when you are home the most works best.  If you want to do laundry a few days a week, pick days that are a few days away from one another.  

Assign a laundry bin to each person. 

Tip 2

Using a marker, write name on the top & front. These bins would be stored in the laundry room.

One divider hamper per room.

Tip 3

Label the front of each section: Whites and Darks, and be sure the kids know they must separate their clothing. These hampers are stored in the bedrooms/bathrooms.

Gather socks in a mesh lingerie bag. 

Tip 4

Use lingerie bags for each family member for socks. They can then fold them when they are cleaned and dried. This is an Amazon Associate affiliate link.

Fold clothes right when they are dried. 

Tip 5

Then, fold clothes & place directly into each kid's laundry basket. Have the kids take them to their room and put them away.

Lay the clothes flat to hang later. 

Tip 6

If you have many clothes to hang, instead of folding them, lay them flat on the edge of the laundry basket and bring them to the closet and hang them there.

Don't turn the pants right side out. 

Tip 7

For clothes inside out, fold them that way. They can turn them right side out before they wear them. It will save you time and frustration.

Sabrina M. Quairoli