Things To Do  To Prepare Your Home  for Summer

by Sabrina's organizing

Revisit each closet. 

Tip 1

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Spending quality time decluttering unused past-season and current-season clothing will make space for new things. 

Spring clean  your Home by  Dividing Rooms  into micro-detailed Task Lists

Tip 2

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Breaking the list down into small tasks makes it easier to finish them over a few months. 

Reduce Waste by Recycling or Donating.

Tip 3

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Instead of sending the unwanted items to the garbage heap, try finding a better place for them, like a recycling event or thrift store. 

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Visit our extensive page that shares charitable locations to donate stuff in the USA and Pennsylvania.

Get your Outdoor and Gardening area Cleaned and Ready

Tip 4

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Visit the shed and garage and reorganize. Then, look at/repair the equipment and tools you use.  Clear out shrubs, tree branches,  and other debris.

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