Hosting a Fabulous Party with Little $$$ by Sabrina's Organizing

It can cost a pretty penny to host a party at home. 

But, it doesn't have to. Check out these tips to help you throw your next party on a budget. 

1. Shop at secondhand places for party supplies.

2. Ask family members to bring chairs and tables if you need them. *below is an affiliate link. 

3. Make decorations with items you already have.

4. Buy the right amount of drinks for your guest. 2 cups per person

5. Guests will most likely eat light. 1/4 pound burger is good per person when there are side dishes.

6. Buy bulk where possible. Buy carrots & celery, cut at home for dips.

7. Make easy main courses instead of buying prepared meals.  Example: Meatballs subs

8. Pick recipes that you can make ahead and freeze. Example: Spinach balls

9. Buy meat in bulk to save at wholesale stores like BJs Wholesale Club and Costco.

10. Make tea and lemonade instead of sodas.

11. Minimize the liquor purchase. Try an adult fruit punch for everyone.

12. Create a Snapchat group or Facebook event to invite people to the party. 

13. Use small 8 inch plates instead of large ones. 

14 Be sure to plan at least 3 weeks away so you can find deals. 

Have a wonderful Party! Follow me!