This BEFORE picture of our closet in the basement was narrow and the tools and supplies were overflowing!

Follow along and see how we transformed this cluttered tool closet into a well organized and functional organized space!

First, we organized the tools in a pegboard organizer.

Tall sturdy shelving was important in this space.  The 14 inches deep and 18 inches deep tall 72 inches shelving units worked well.  Plus, wall mounted shelving helped too!

Visit our Creative Ways to Organize Tools in a Closet below!

We bought bins to hold small items as well!

Labeling was also important!

We also created a DIY spray bottle organizer! Click below to learn more!

Keeping the bins open made for quick access!

Sorting items in clear  bins made it easy to find things!

These buckets are great for task oriented jobs! Every supply for a task is in one bucket. Examples of tasks bins: electrical, tiling, and plumbing.

Use shallow bins for awkward items so they don't get covered.

Each bag should have the power tool and the bits and supplies for that tool.