What Food to Bring On a Road Trip and How to Keep it Safe?

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Road trips are super fun with the family! But what do you bring for food and snacks and how should you store them safely in the car? This story will help you with that!   

First, what to store your food in? Below are some places you can store your food while in the car.   1. Hard Insulated Cooler 2. Backseat covered organizers 3. Back of the car seat organizers 4. Electric Cooler that plugs into the car.

Now, what type of snacks should you take with you? Here is a list of snacks that travel well.  1.  Nuts 2. Popcorn 3. Energy bars/protein bars. 4. Carrots and hummus 5. Grapes 6. Fruit snacks 7. Trail Mix 8. String cheese 9. Fruit - apples, pears, etc... ***Amazon link is an affiliate link. 

And what type of light lunch ideas should you take with you? Be sure these items are stored in a cold insulated place.  1. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches. 2. Yogurt 3. Chicken Salad Sandwich 4. Turkey & Cheese Wrap 5.  Apple, brie, Dijon, & turkey sandwich.  6. Crackers and cheese/pepperoni slices 7. Ham and cheese sandwich

Next, let's talk about the best drinks for car rides. Try to keep these items cold. 1. Water 2. Vegetable juice 3. Fruit juice 4. Seltzer water 5. Premixed smoothies

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