10 Ways to Prepare  Your Home For a Quick Sale


Ready to put your house on the market? 

Wait!  Keep these tips in mind before putting your house on the market!

Small Details Matter: Update light fixtures and other small broken items throughout the home. 


CLEAN Everything! Railings, toilets, light switch plates. Freshen up shabby walls with neutral color paints. Add an eye pleasing ascent wall color. 


Organize all the Closets Add affordable decorative baskets to hide piles.  Change to matching hangers.


Organize the Basement and Attic No one wants to see a messy storage area.  Buy cheap vertical storage to remove the stuff off the floor. 


Organize the Garage Add vertical storage and get bike racks for the walls. Use colored totes to hide the clutter. 


Organize the Bedroom Take out extra furniture from the bedroom.  Clear the personal items off the dressers. 


Organize The Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets Get rid of Freestanding items for storage. 


Clear out the Shed Remove excess unused items to make the shed look larger. 


Clean the front and backyard Clear out the mulch beds. Add pots of flowers.  Repair any bald patches on the lawn. 


Repair any broken items Create a punch list of things that need repairing before putting the home on the market.  Divide it up by room. 


You Did It!

You are now ready to get your home sold quickly and easily!