Back to School Tips For Working Parents

By Sabrina's Organizing

Make this School Year an Easy one!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your new back-to-school routine? Let's discuss tips to support you and your family to make it an amazing school year!

Tip 1: Set a bedtime routine to allow for unwind time and prep for the next day.  Answer the prompt questions by clicking on the link below and visiting our post. 

Tip 2: Write out the family's schedule on a large monthly calendar. Write down everyone's after-school activities so everyone knows who needs to be where on what day.

Tip 3: Add an appointment to your schedule for self-care.  Relaxation, exercise, whatever you do for you!

Tip 4: Make an easy and healthy meal-planning system. Plan Sundays to be the day to decide on each dinner during the weeknight.

Tip 5: Use an academic planner to help your child with time management skills.  Buy an academic planner that works to manage their schedule and their assignments.  

Tip 6: Create a morning routine for easy get up and out.  Visit our post that talks about questions to answer to determine your routine. 

Tip 7: Make lunch while preparing dinner or right after dinner.  Place it in the fridge to keep and have the children grab it the following day.

Have a great New School Year! We hope these tips help you and your family have an amazing and organized new school year!