Unique Bathroom Organization Ideas

by Sabrina's organizing

Get your bathroom organized today!

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Shallow Linen Closets can make it difficult to organize. 

Measure the depth and width to find bins that will work for the shelves. Get more tips on this post.

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Shared Showers Organization

Create one shower caddy for each person who uses the shower. See how we made one!

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Mount Mason Jars on the wall to hold frequently used items. 

This is great for small bathrooms with little to no storage. See how we made it here!

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Create a vanity using a console table.

Try repurposing a shallow console table to house all your things in the bathroom.  Check out our DIY project you can also make!

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Use a Makeup Organizer to house all the things on the shared sink.

Have a place for each member of the family.  See how I made ours in our shared bathroom.

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