6 Essential Conversations to Have With Your Aging Parents

by Sabrina's Organizing

Be Proactive and Prepared!

As your parents get older, there are specific areas that should not be ignored. We are going to share those areas and tips on how to start the conversation. 

You first need to visit your aging parent to talk with them about where they want to live.  Are they interested in living at home, or would they prefer to move to an assisted living community?

Find time with minimal stress. Be sure to include them in the discussion. What do you feel comfortable with? What is your plan to prepare for the future? Let's talk about it. If there is no health issue, this process can be slow and comfortable for them and you.

If they seem they are not open to the opportunity to discuss, ask if they want to speak about this discussion with a professional like a therapist. 

If they are ready to talk about making plans, be sure to talk about these 6 essential conversations  for a complete plan for the future. 

1. Talk about where they may want to live.  Are they going to downsize or stay in the home. Are they willing to remove things to eliminate hazards?

2. Talk about what they want to donate or give away. If they either stay in their home or decide they want to move, be sure they know they need to get rid of some of their things. 

3. Now it's time to talk about their money situation.  This can be a touchy topic so tread lightly. Start small and ask them simple questions like where is your bank?

4. It's time to reduce the paper clutter and get rid of things so the papers needed are just the essentials.  This process should start around the same time as the decluttering and continue into the money talk. 

5. It's time to visit the digital files and online accounts. This is where you can help them record their passwords in a safe place so you can access them if you need them.

6. The last area to discuss is the legal one.  This process is a sensitive one and may take some time to complete. Be patient with them and get help when you need it. Work on one step at a time.

These discussions are not easy. But, if you approach them with loving and openness, it can be done. 

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