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  1. Nancy Haworth

    These are all great tips! I love how you hid the charging station with a decorative box! Decorating really helps to give everything a finished look!

  2. Janet Schiesl

    I like decorating small spaces. It's less overwhelming to me. I've done the inside of our pantry, the inside of my closet, my laundry room. Do you see a theme? I am working my way up to large spaces!

  3. Linda Samuels

    The other thing that makes a room look fresh and completely different is paint. Even painting one wall in a different color (bold or subtle) can change the entire feel of a room. Out home is quite colorful, which isn't for everyone, but we love it. While there are many white walls, there are also spots of brightness- red, purple, yellow in different rooms.

  4. Seana Turner

    I'm sort of like Janet, not particularly strong on decorating. I tend to like a "clean" look, but I have many pieces in my home that have accumulated over the years. If I had the money, I think I would get rid of a lot of it and start over. Alas, that isn't the case. Nice to have some ideas for adding just a touch of color or pattern that might jazz up a space!

  5. Janet Barclay

    Decorating isn't a strong point for me, but you've reminded me that I'd like to put up some kind of backsplash behind my kitchen sink. Thanks for the inspiration!